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Power to the people, you're still my Patti Smith.

Everything's going great - you'll like it I hope - demo'd it off to you via 2day fedex - keep those eyes peeled. And then remember to be nice when you tell me it's "lacking" like you did the last time (but you were right). I don't think you'll think it's lacking this time - you might think it's too long. Ya da ya da ya da - I've got to eat something other than pizza today or I'm going to lose my mind.

Call collect, beyotch, from a payphone, like the old days, or whatever. cant' wait to hear what you think


what I think?!? Damn, step off boys, the old men are gonna rock your faces off!


I hope that there struggle to become a sovereign nation is a successful one and I myself have dreamed of a Sovereign Nation of Acadiana .


I hope that and hey: dreams are what make life worth living, ya Cajun!

I'm actually interested in seeing Rodriguez's retrospective at NOMA cuz of his history painting all his Cajuns ... Blue Dog be damned! Loup garou!!!!!!

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