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you're not the first to call him that, but it's just so different...zombies are still dead. They're just *walking* dead.
Getting resurrected is a whole diff. deal.
Don't hesitate to call if you have questions.


I can't be THAT wrong - I thought zombies were the "undead", dead who are risen, like Lazarus. Like Jesus. How is "resurrected" different? Is it fully alive again, as if never having been dead? I didn't realize I knew so little about this ... I might have to call.

Mark Folse

Damned internets. I can't find any references to animals speaking on Good Friday, but I remembered it the minute you referenced it. Such an interesting idea.

It's not the end of America as the beginning of all of us. It's after the end of the world. Don't you know that yet?


oh the animals speak all the time at my house, but the Bible says they speak on Christmas Eve. It's just Good Friday is so solemn, the animals like to jazz it up.

End beginning end beginning/I'm reading Naomi Wolf and freaking out about the continued abuse and diaspora of my people as well as Tibet. The end of the world's already happened a few times over and then some. I'm waiting for the beginning to end all that.


I have never heard of The Messiah Zombie but the thought of it makes this easter special.

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