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What a beautiful pair!


And I like that pic of you in the hat. Too cute. Those red earrings are almost as cute as your smile (which is a little devious, what were you thinking about?!)


bad bad things


I'm thinking some bad things myself right now - mostly about poetry.

It's a good poem, though. It surprises me.

D. Shit

You're pretty.


You're dangerous.


Is that another one of your young men? He looks like he could eat you whole. You look like you wouldn't bat an eye.

When you coming to work here?

Indy 500

You look like a pair of grifters, some kind of Bonnie & Clydes.

I like the poem for its intensity. There's not enough intensity in the world, Eli. You better turn it up.


We are deviants for sure. Debauched delighted delinquents. Yep.


& god forgive me I'm so loopy on pain meds: VV: I'll be there in August to teach 2 workshops & move my stuff back to NO. Get ready, I'll have hate in my heart and love in my lips and we're gonna have a grand old time.

Silver Fox

Every day I learn a new word from you!


Are you a pair with that fellow?


Can you hold the wind in your hand and make it eat tacos? Can you touch the tiny pulse of the hummingbird and convert it into insulin? Can you grab a moonbeam from the sky to swallow it like a pixie stick? Can you drink the wine of 1000 monks and never embarras yourself in church? Can you take a wild mustang and teach it how to wear nylons? Who can taste the sweet oil of the nightengale's breast and live to cage her? How do you muzzle a dog who barks out of its ass?!!


How do you sniff a rainbow and never wipe your nose?


The caged bird never sings.


One flew over.

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