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Never know what I'm going to find here but it is always good - especially your writing on New Orleans.


I can't believe someone out there is crass enough to say that people in New Orleans had 'no concerns whatsoever' about Katrina, much less to imply that all of you were so happy go lucky about the whole thing that you would dare to have a "party". But you did party, didn't you? Because that's just how you roll.

Indy 500

Per our agreement, you've got it


very good!


You got it going on too.
Keep telling the story, it's never ending.
Like you said about nailing down and defining the experience, impossible. The failure, the failure. That's what was so despicable. Grace to your soul.

Detroit Shite

You rock the house.


I didn't know you worked for Herman Leonard. How did the negatives come through the flood?


Yep - was his office/archive manager for 4 years. Anyhow the negs: I got them all to an impenetrable safe downtown, so they are fine.
He's got a new book out on Scala - do you know? It's great!


That's cool about the negs. I just checked out his new book on Amazon.


Just doin' m'job. But it is good. The book is good too! I miss Herman.


I'll never understand all this - it's so Southern. Admirable and attractive but I don't understand.

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