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D. Shit.

Nope, y'can't let the assholes get ya down. And I don't care how many compliments a guy gives you, if he's not like your best friend he's got no place speaking like that. Self involved my ass. Does he like FUSION????

And watching those Bears eat your Saints made me hate them even more. Go Colts!


Oh man, that game just HURT so bad. It was an awful feeling, really awful. People were dizzy, telling eachother how to feel, "Think positive! We came this far! Always next year!" and all I could think was, well, back to the trailer, it was fun while it lasted. Took me hours to get home, too. I did go out to the airport to cheer them on when they got home though. That was really something and I got to yell at Sean Payton "Sean! I love you! Coach me coach me!" Go Colts for real! I hate those Bears.

Indy 500

Pretty amazing, how belligerent we men folk can get when the girls don't give it up so easily.


well I for one am glad you got over your dilemma and decided to be all self-involved in public for our pleasure again.

Those river photos take my breath away. What did you shoot them with?


I want some matzo!


I took the pix w/my cell phone. I've been at the river a lot lately, walking dogs on the levee. I can't wait to be in my cabin in Algiers & walk that levee too - gonna be lots of river tales to tell then - I need the river so much these days, it's my current obsession.


Ha ha I love how "liking fusion" is equal to being insensitive.

You're a total original, Miss Croweau, and some fellows just can't handle that. I'll take a woman with healthy boundaries over an easy catch any old day. A guy has got to be high to think they're gonna exploit the likes of you.


Yeah, D Shite's funny like that.

God, I'd forgotten I'd even written this, it's so off my radar now. But I don't know that I'm a total original - I know of so many interesting unique women - plus I feel like such a product of my environment, y'know? Anyhow - it's just so f'in BORING to be reduced to just a toy a fellow wants to play with. Essentially that's how it felt to me tho' he might disagree - nobody likes to be rejected - whatever. I'm a zombie today, not original at all!

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