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I'm huggin I'm huggin!

My head hurts too but only cuz now there's so much of you to read. Can't. Stop. Reading. Must. Confirm. Flight. Can't. Get. Off. Line. Help. Me. Please.


That ain't no rolly polly, that's a doodlebug.

D Shite

That myspace thing is just too cool for school, right? It hurts my teeth. But here, here it's fresh and clean. don't leave us. don't make me have to look at all those fucking banners.


aight bra, I "customized my layout" so it's a little less annoying. is it the tunes? Are you scared of Ballzack? He scares you right? "You can't punch a baby & you can't eat a planet but girl - I never took you for granted!" Doodlebugs don't bite, aight?


oh god, myspace. I have to be a member to write to you there. I'm with DS; stay stay here. Stay. Sit stay. You damn wanderer ...


MySpace rules cuz you get to have "FRIENDS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you popular or not? I see you are popular with THE BANDS ...

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