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I seem to remember you becoming wonderfully ... acerbic shall we say? when a boy in a tutu rode up Chartres on a bike! But I get your drift ... I know why it irked you there then and I know why Austin irks you now, longterm.

So is that a guy or a girl in that dapper red thong? And did s/he talk to you with his ass all hanging out like that while you were drinking iced earl grey tea?

D Shite

KEEP IT WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I'm here & I'm not offended at all. But I do know what you mean about the fragile egos here. The men are esp. limp. I like those NYC men myself.


Proud to call it, crawl, swim home...

prepropriative, liminal, luminous, foreshadowed, haunted, haunting, rising, sinking, stinking or perfumed, fertile and fecund, flooded and drained, rescuscitating, ours...

you can take the woman out of New Orleans, but...

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