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Code is sexy.


If code is sexy, then I must be one over-sexed bastard.
Code is creeping obesity.

ellie may.

well you were preettttyyyy sexxxxyyy las' night!


well I'm coding right now and as sexy occasions go this one is way on down there.


"down there"?!?! Did you say "down there"?!!!?!!!!

(I don't think this is the intellectual banter the Charlie Rose round table was reffing about blogs. Why? Is there something wrong with my BLOG?)


I meant 'in a hierarchical ranking'?


Well, I think it can be sexy like a well designed object can be sexy. Unfortunately, a lot of the folks that write really sexy code are not particularly sexy themselves :-(


but I thought we "are" what we "do". God, all my philosophies are going under the knife right now! Brain surgery! That's what I need!

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