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detroit shit

you are a very very very bad bad woman.


damn straight: anybody with a "handicapped" licence plate I avoid like herpes. 99% of the time, I'm sure that the "handicapped" is in reference to the automobile-operating portion of the drivers' brain.

and let's not forget the horror of being a pedestrian while N.O. taxi drivers are about! or on a bike? let your attention lapse for a split second and it's like a free ticket to Charity.


Exactemente. All reminds me of bass players who hafta have frets . THEY oughta have "HANDICAPPED " stickers on their foreheads. Or at least get preferred parking at pawn shops. ( Sketching while biking helps keep the ol' attention from lapsing as long you can hang on w/ the other hand. )


the very quaotable elizabeth underthings:

"i am a pretty bad bunny."


thank you for the st. ann heads up.

i want to do it all the time. is there something i need to DO about that?

pretty bad bunny!

I said that??? hahahahahahahadamn! well -
you, m'fair lady, and yr fair fair fella, are more than welcome for the invite - it WAS spectacticular, was it not? And you both were a fantastic addition to the festivities ... so ...
wanting to do it all the time? well now whose REALLY the bad bunny here, hmmmmmmm?


i had cervezas in a canyon in the Sierra Madres on Mardi Gras, 8,000 feet high.


hey, rackitty:

everybody knows that playing a FRETTED bass is a trillion times more DIFFICULT than playing a dumb old FRETLESS one where you can put your fingers anyplace you want to. maybe the handicapped emblem should be emblazoned instead upon the necks of...nevermind! don't you know that my first dog, Pepper Butternut Prince "Choo Choo" Clown, was run over by a handicapped driver when I was just nine years old? and then, shortly afterwards, I was diagnosed with roving herpes disorder (a very rare form of herpes that is actually detatched from the body and pursues the victim in the guise of a brown ball of wool blown by the wind), which changed my life FOREVER. roving herpes disorder is directly linked to childhood traumas such as HAVING YOUR FAVORITE "CHOO CHOO" BEAR GROUND INTO HASH BY A HANDICAPPED DRIVER. maybe you should take some sensitivity training classes, ricketty racketty whatever.

ellie may.

Ah, the Kitty/Train Wars are an endless source of amusement for me! How dare I laugh at an event of such gravitas? I'm just built like that ...

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