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detroit shit

I have not tried the Nordo Electro Two.


this movie is fantastic.

how you been lady?

looks like good, yea, you ARE a hot dog ...


cecil and jimmy... ?!?!?!

unbelievable. this mention. terrific, in one of your terrific lists.

I saw a version of the unit in the early
80's. knowing only the recordings from the 60's I was
unprepared for the deluge. radical supplement, to say the
least. glory glory (dark) glory. after finding my land legs
I noticed the alto player was onstage collecting his music.
I walked up and said, simply, "who are you?" the more appropriate
question would have been, "whaaaat... whooooo the ... are you?"
He shook my hand. "Jimmy. My name is Jimmy Lyons."

crazy... or, crazier, if you are referring to another cecil and jimmy
pairing, in which case I'll have to dust of the story about how the
moviegoer is the only book that made me cry. walker percy, makes me cry,
don't ask me, can't tell you why...

this line: "There`s something always happening in between the happenings." reminds me of this great phrase by christopher bollas: the unthought known. (another great phrase: the intelligence of form)

from the north, wishing you well...

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