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Man On Road In Van

yes to this stuff about performing. and if the band's got this attitude to it the audience can get it to - without even knowing it. Deciding factor is what motivates us to do it. What's being fed, pursued? I like this.
Like you.


Didja hafta watch people treat eachother like shit? It's pretty disenchanting but remember it's not you.
I really hope you get yrself one of those b. splits. I'm gonna get me one too.
I agree w/Man On Road about motivation. I"ve seen so much rock & roll bullshit it's just funny at this stage. I make music cuz I need to not cuz I need anyone to worship me. I swear! You?


Me, I do it because I want to push on the limits people make for themselves. I see so many people going through life without just letting go once in a while. I'm not about extremes, or art (o.k. once in a while, but art is sometimes where you find it, not where somebody put it), or anything much but a certain kind of physical ROCK AND ROLL pleasure that I've enjoyed all my life and most people don't even understand.

I like to move, and I like to listen to my own voice, and I do like to see people act a little stupider than they normally do. I like the back pats too. I like to surprise people, because my stage persona is my REAL self, my daily face is just a mask I wear. I much prefer playing live to recording, for those reasons. Maybe those are the wrong reasons but there they are.

I doubt my rock and roll is adding much to the sum total of dignity, peace, or love in the world
but to me that's the world's problem.


Man, I could go on about this all day.

It's funny, I've never been able to assemble a touring band, though my ambition since I can remember was to tour with a band.

I used to only sing in bands but I couldn't get the people I played with to write the kind of songs I wanted to sing. So I taught myself guitar...slowly. I still think of myself as a novice. I play just by the smell. But I can't imagine a day without picking up a guitar anymore.

Have you heard the new Reigning Sound CD? Put on Track 4. If you don't feel like picking up a guitar you are a bassist.

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