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I want to hear the Black Bonnetts! and see ya'll perform......I'm so glad to hear you are comfy in your body and the space around it like a European to dance and walk arm in arm for self and eachother and No it does not have to be sexual or a show- that whole perspective comes from patriarchial confines...F/911- I too cried - from start to finish...on to Do Something...

On the road again still

We're all going to see F-9/11 tomorrow in Denver. It's all pretty exciting. I can tell you that this country is getting really stirred up by this movie. I for one am so pissed off that we've all been getting screwed over by G.W., that man has got to GO.
um, Big B.M.? That's pretty stupid ... is that a band name? What do the initials stand for? I like your writing/critiques alot - I feel like even though I'll never see this band that I've gotten a fair assessment. Dale Watson? Man he is a man on fire. Lucky to have you there dancing I would say.
And you are recording? Damn you are busy.
And open. Thanks for this blog. I for one have come to depend on it.
Out Here In The Van


We are so lucky to have M.Moore ... not alot of people can maintain such devotion to this kind of work. He just gets those movies made - pretty fantastic. I know people who can barely make their own supper.
B.B.M. = Big Blue Marble. What do you think of that name? I was at a table where folks were discussing how this name has influenced how they perceive this band ... would like to know what someone who knows nothing about the "scene" here has to say about this ...
I keep getting told what an online journal is "for", what it is "supposed" to be - w/the implication that I am not "doing it right", being "too real". Isn't it possible that whatever we can imagine is possible is appropriate? Isn't it possible that anything can be anything? Regardless, thanks for the pos. feedback. It's nice to know that this writing isn't just going into a void (though it's nice to know that it is, as well!)
Dreamt I Had A Studebaker

e caskey


The Road Still Moving

The name, Big Blue Marble, my take on it? Makes me think of a novelty band. Or a Dave Matthews "alternative rock" band. Kid's stuff. A band that would go over big in Ohio ...
the pos. feedback is well deserved - who can say what a blog is supposed to be? Maybe someone who just wants things to stay light & superficial. Your blog is deep. Some of us just dig that.
Off to the movies -
Is it really hot there yet?
I Like You.


i saw you at the movies.

i was crying behind my huge sunglasses.


aw I wish I'da known you were there

it woulda been nice to hug you after all that

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