Elizabeth on Elizabeth

Who Is Actually Perceiving

Although everything is just a thought

in the end we can begin to feel

things as dreams, begin

to see things

in a state of compassion

to the rest of the world and

your life. When extremely evil

or joyful situations occur

be a fundamental frame of mind connected

to the paramita of meditation. The sword

can afford

to let go. How we start


if there were some kind of dream

you could have a tender heart

in any situation. It's much better

to have accepted you have

a soft spot in your heart. They think


if they put their honey or jam or

glue on you that you might buy it and say

Okay, the blame is mine. You can absorb

the poison. It isn't even tight. The text says


Drive all blames into one. The 

whole thing can be done

very gently, with the threshold of power

collectively of this world. Only you

really know your self. You just witness

what you are.



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