Checklist (Montana)
Elizabeth on Elizabeth



Shantrelle, Cleaver, Abandoned Building                                                                 photo ©EUnderwood


  1. My whole life
  2. Is a personal challenge
  3. kindness, justice and love
  4. I start with a little
  5. is often painful
  6. and growth of a spiritual experience
  7. We nevertheless found ourselves alone in the world
  8. to be unafraid
  9. What were you thinking
  10. Those women who betray women
  11. Love as a moral imperative
  12. not all mothers are mothers
  13. A tendency to look
  14. You do it every hour
  15. I just wanna run
  16. Those goddamn bitches
  17. who exist
  18. I know a few
  19. Being able to say no
  20. it is necessary for survival
  21. Transformer
  22. riots and racism in America
  23. I had to answer the phone
  24. the first time I'd really been funny
  25. with the heavy metal band
  26. you feel like you're on a team
  27. And I wasn't 
  28. My dad was always right about that
  29. I won't tell you
  30. my Indian name
  31. Do I remember that I have a right?
  32. Trauma recovery therapy
  33. Degrees


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