Checklist (Montana)

1. Ghost hunting
2. rusting American sedans that wouldn't fetch much even as spare parts
3. Having visited his spleen, the biker whispered
4. We're going to build a farming center right here
5. When I was young, a long time ago
6. Serious rodeo journalism
7. About six pounds of fluids
8. Several hundred old-timers
9. The anonymous crowd quickly went
10. Fallen cabins
11. "Did you see the hanging?" "I did." 
12. It was a very cold evening.
13. The dogs/close to our hearts
14. A trim athletic man, neatly dressed in a cowboy shirt
15. A-kok-kiai-wa, Many Bears
16. No wonder the bears were attacking campers
17. Bulls have names like Grand Coulee, Rain Dance and Roughneck.
18. Comical and dangerous
19. Bat-wing chaps
20. I'm in love
21. Havin taken a responsible stance
22. We rocked from side to side
23. The church really helped me
24. The heart, or perhaps the liver
25. I wandered through the crumbling red-light district
26. A thick pastry shell stuffed with herbs and onions
27. Last night a horse's teeth ripped a 3 inch gap in his neck
28. I looked in his eyes for some recognition
29. Mirth and myth making in progress
30. Not so much as individuals but as a team
31. Wiped his eyes with his bandana
32. But the highway called
33. Degrees



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