I had a vacation once
Feel like a movie?

You cannot trust

men who will treat you differently than they do women they don't want to fuck.  Or vise versa.  These are the men who do not know how to be a friend to women and no matter which end of the spectrum you're on ultimately a man who can't be our friend can't be trusted as far as you can toss him.  On top of that they're usually pretty dumb as they think they're actually putting one over on us - thinking we don't notice how attentive and kind they are to girls they think are hot, how preoccupied and short-tempered with girls they don't.  It doesn't matter how kind you are to him, how connected you are, how much in common or how compatible - if he doesn't want to fuck you you won't be his friend.  

Women, I dare you to purposely make yourself unattractive and see how different the world is, see which of those "pals" of yours stops calling, stops telling you how amazing you are, stops coming to your gigs or posting flirty shit on your Facebook wall.  I dare you to gain weight, be poor and unable to buy new clothes, be angry, be tired.  Of course you won't - who wants to live in a world where men don't curry to our needs?  But the dynamic is toxic, it's transparent and depressing and it will catch up to all of us and men, they'll just keep on with the artifice and pretty women will keep catering to it, happy to be on the winning end, and less pretty women will suffer and the game will never end.  This is even true of "ugly" guys too, by the way - they ALL think they're god's gift and they all treat women in accordance to how fuckable they think we are.

Of course there are exceptions.  Gregory Good is one, Andrew Donaldson another.  I know a few more here and there - men who really listen, who truly care.   The rest?  Silly boys, women of merit won't ever trust you and what that means is you'll get your heart broken because frankly those hot chicks?  They're as base as you are and if you fall out of favor, well - you're out.   Unless of course you look like Brad Pitt and they'll all fall all over themselves to get to the top of your list so it works both ways, doesn't it?  Sad ...


Mark Folse

Glad your back from vacation. Your thoughtful and creative blogs have been missed.

Eli Underwood

Now I hope to be really "back"! Hi - hope you're still here -

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