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5 years

High and Low Relief

IMG_0749 copy

(Evie eats my pancakes)  A sudden and clear urge to run on a beach just consumed me.  Was it the memory of the beach with Jonuel, misty and water-swept, resurfaced, that triggered this?  Or a photo of Matthew McConaghey (sp?) running his idiot body with his dogs on some tropical sandy shore?  If so I really must stop visiting E.com because it's only making me want things I cannot have.  I mean I could go run on the Lake Ponchatrain beach but when I was there last week all it did was depress me with it's fenced off sand and creeps creeping piles of trash.  So there's that, wanting something while not being able to attain it and what am I going to do about that?  First a morning with Odem at our Blue Fence and then a drive to the country to hang out with the Donaldsons particularly Evie whose youth and beauty are like a beach to me, I'll run on her if she'll let me.


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