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I had a vacation once

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1.  The traveling, where or whenever, a gift

2. Welcome to my cedar shake

3. The Watermill Center

4. Schizophrenia/avant garde

5. Swimming pool

6. Chocolate mint

7. Dreamy/s

8. Cold white wine/soprasetta

9. Pines/cornfields

10. Misting/beach

11. Yesterday's chicken/Fresca/drums (African and Brazil)

12. Leading to the sea, the sea, the sea, the pull and salt, rocks and shell bits, surf, children, dogs

13. James Taylor's in the Crab Shack

14. A lobster roll perhaps? 

15. Sacred native burial ground, where we found the swamp and lily pads, look!  Deer!

16. Grey Gardens

17. Pollack's studio

18. and perhaps more swimming

19. Daily om, green grasshopper in the crook of my arm

20.  Hummingbirds fly to Jonuel

21. Following the sun/Caetano Velosa

22. Fire/transition/conversationings plus a Barry Manilow dance-off

23. Gravel and grass

24. A small warm beach with candy-striped umbrellas, heiresses biking, let's hit them!

25. Hydrangea, crab, lemonade, melon

26. Steinbeck wrote here

27.  Allan Kaprow's "GAS" 1965 here

28. A baseball game, balloon ascension, a buffet, a poetry reading, nature walks and a tea dance

29.  Ross Bleckner, violet sky and wild waves pulled me off my feet

30. I found my true love, is it really Andrew McCarthy???

31. Leaves and spiders, I skimmed the pool

32. The Hamptons Jitney, not my favorite thing

33. Degrees

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